Athens News: Wanted fellow passengers

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THOUGH it hasn’t yet captured the public’s imagination as it has overseas, carpooling is seemingly a growing trend in Greece. 

A website aiming to facilitate the sharing of cars for people commuting to and from work and elsewhere has been around since 2005. However, in the last six months the number of registered users has grown by 20 percent, now surpassing 3,500.

The creator of, Yiorgos Sakellaris, 33, spoke to the Athens News about his venture to make carpooling a part of our our daily lives. 

“We first heard about carpooling from friends who had previously lived abroad,” he explained. “We decided to create this website when we studied in Ioannina.” 

Some 80 percent of registered members are between 25 and 40 and, as Sakellaris points out, the recent surge in interest can be attributed to the ever-increasing petrol prices and general economic hardship.

According to him, Greeks like the idea of carpooling but seem reluctant to practise it. “People become familiar with something only when they need it and nowadays Greeks are turning to this idea due to the economic crisis,” he says. “A daily ride of 20-30 kilometres plus tolls adds 200-300 euros to the monthly budget. Imagine sharing these expenses.” 
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